Why “World in Words”?

This World is huge and in an era of digitalization we are socially connected through this world using various platforms. What do we do to connect and to communicate? We transact words with everyone. Words, be it spoken or written, play a major role in our daily life. For an instance, if we have to go to a restaurant or have to buy something then we open a website and check the reviews written by the people we hardly know, but still we consider it. It do affects our decision. Words, if used correctly, can influence the people and can also inspire them.

Through this website, http://www.worldinwords.in, I am trying to connect and inspire the people of this world with words. My motive is to describe the things that we do and see in this world around us by my writings. From pictures to music; from food to movies; from a place to your feelings, we can describe everything is Words. I will be publishing many writings from various segments. However, the major part would be of Motivational writings because I believe that there is nothing great than inspiring and motivating anyone in any way.

I would be more than happy if I will be getting feedback from all of you. Let the words flow and the world unfold.