Trends and Issues in Human Resource Management

In a past few years, there has been a rapid change in how any organization works and so thus the way Human Resource Management worked has been transformed completely. The traditional ways are being re-designed because of the change in the world of work. The business demands new technology, Declined budgets, a digital marketing strategy to be used on social media and most importantly, getting great employees with appropriate skills. Thus the role of Human Resource Management has become more difficult. For the Human resource people it means understanding the implications of globalization, workforce diversity, changing skill requirements, corporate downsizing, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Now days, the organizations have no national boundaries as they are spread across the globe. The increase in Multi National Corporations brings a major challenge for HRM’s as they have to maintain an international environment which runs parallel with the diversified culture of workforce. There shouldn’t be discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or the country an employee belongs to. Everyone has their beliefs, ideologies, sexual orientation, values, and lifestyle. So, it brings a challenge for the HR to make strict policies against the people who do not adhere.

Also, the technology transforms so quickly that it becomes a challenge for them to find a work force with all the required technical skills. At times, it becomes important for them to arrange trainings on all the latest technological changes as per the employees Job role. HR has to look into the cost of trainings as well as the number of employees they need for a specific role. If required they do corporate downsizing i.e decreasing the number of employees so as to maintain the budget of the organization.

Regardless of the challenges faced by the Human Resource Management, they have been doing great in all the aspects and trying to provide a great environment in most of the organizations. Though the evolution will keep on happening so will be the redefinition of their working methodology and policies.
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    By: Jaspal Singh

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