The people who stepped away!

I have had been a person who loves to make friends and most importantly believes in keeping them forever. However, sometimes we can’t stop them to stay with us because it’s their life and decisions.

In this journey called life we all meet new people on a daily basis and sometimes while moving with them they become so important to us that we decide to walk with them forever. However, this life is not so kind and apparently we lose people on the way. The situation could be anything, but if anyone feels like leaving us then we can’t stop them. Even if we stop them, they do not remain the way they were with us earlier. The whole story changes because of some reason and that reason remain unknown for most of us. People who were once so important to us and were so concerning have become strangers now. Moreover, it’s an irony that those special people with whom our day used to start and end are not even a part of our day anymore. They get vanished as if they never existed.

We can’t really stop the people who stepped away from us. They might give us an excuse or at times they might leave you silent. They have an assumption that we are not going to remember them and they have a surety in their hearts that they will also forget us. However, we are humans and we have a brain and this brain has got all the things memorized in it. He loves to remember the past and especially when the past was so amazing with a few special people.

We can’t cling to those thoughts as we have this whole big world to deal with. We have to move on without them. Well, no matter if we might think that we have forgotten those people. Deep inside we do remember them and they remember us. We hope that those people are doing great in their life and these people tend to become a part of our prayers and our thoughts. Well, it doesn’t really matter if they gave us pain or tears in our eyes in present. We should always remember that they are the same people who were once a reason to smile and were special to us.

Just forget everything that happened in your past. Stay focused towards your future. The people who stepped away from us can never be forgotten and you know what? Apparently what we are today is because of these people and because of the love and care they gave us in the past. I have learned one thing in life that it goes on. So, smile and just move on.

We are humans and we have emotions and it is fine if we cry at times. It seems normal to me if you are crying because of any reason, but always remember that time is going to change soon and you will surely have the reasons to be happy because you are special to many people. You have no idea that what a gem you are because the butterfly never knows that how beautiful she is. However, this world can see the beauty in you. Certainly, we are going to smile and we are going to forget all the grudges that we have for the people who stepped away. We are going to stay happy and blessed by the Almighty.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

    An enthusiastic blogger from Delhi-NCR. I have plethora of thoughts in my mind and I would like to write about all of them. I believe words have the power to connect us. Words, if used correctly can inspire our world. So, here I am trying to connect and inspire the World with my Words.

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