The moments I Cherished!

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This world is changing and with this change we are moving ahead in life. We are so involved in everything that we do not have time to sit and think about ourselves. We have our schools, colleges, jobs, businesses, meetings, and so much of important things to do that we that we tend to ignore the joys of life. Since last few months I was also going through this situation. I just read somewhere that “Waking up and going to learn was easier than waking up and going to earn.” and It forced me to think that how wonderful the childhood was. Isn’t it so true? This life is precious. However, we are spending this life in earning money and doing the stuff that we think is important. Doing all this is important but, the thing that’s really important is that we should be happy. If you feel happy with what you are doing then go ahead and continue the good work. However, if you are not happy then just stop and wait for a moment and think that why are you doing this? If you find any reason then Introspect and think about the moments that used to cherish you. Now try to think that can you make your life more happier? If yes, then how? If you think that you can make your life happier just by comprising some work then do it because the happiness is something hard to feel.  If you have chances then go and grab those chances and feel the essence of real happiness.

Well, if you will ask me about my life then I would say the past was really good. The school days were amazing. The college time was crazy and challenging.  I was happy and I did mistakes. I learned from those mistakes. I confronted love, hatred and different colors of emotions. Though I failed quite a few times but, whatever I did was my choice and I have no regrets about anything. The present is good. Job screws a big time but I am dealing with it. Things are sorted. Still, I feel that something is missing. The happiness; those hangouts with friends; love for everyone; innocence in each and everything; time to introspect and a lot more. The life is so hectic now that I can now just think about past and cherish about those amazing moment. Yes! I know I should think about the future and should find the ways to make it brighter. However, what about the present then? Should we be so much occupied in thinking about future that we start missing the things that are going around us. Whatever the past is, happy or sad, it is gone and we can’t bring it back and whatever the future will be, we can’t predict. So, just take a deep breath and live this moment.

This life and the ways to live this life are simple but, we are making it so complicated. This mess inside our mind is like a thread which is rolled with each other so badly that we are not clear about any thought.  We really need to clear this mess and only then we will be able to feel the happiness. Some people find the happiness when they start moving for the pursuit of happiness. It is all about one freaking move and changing a few things about our life. Find time for everyone that is special for you. Live with enthusiasm. Love everyone. Laugh loud as it makes your haters jealous and your well wishers happy. Keep your eyes open for all the opportunities around you. Make trips with friends. Be crazy. Stop thinking about past, be it happy or sad. Live in present.  Then probably, we will stop thinking about the cherished moments and we will be busy living life happily. It will be so exciting that we will not get the time to think about the time that we left behind.  It will even affect our future as things done with enthusiasm are more effective. Your happy go lucky present will make your future brighter and you will have countless memories to cherish about.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

    An enthusiastic blogger from Delhi-NCR. I have plethora of thoughts in my mind and I would like to write about all of them. I believe words have the power to connect us. Words, if used correctly can inspire our world. So, here I am trying to connect and inspire the World with my Words.

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