School life, it isn’t over yet!

As a normal day, I was checking my Facebook account and while surfing through the posts, I suddenly saw an update from my school’s page. There was nothing special about the post, but I was nostalgic. Remembering old days makes you feel good, especially when they were amazingly great. Well, school, we all went to one and probably more than one for many of you. It was the foundation of our career, moral values and most importantly relations. Do we really remember that what we studied in High school? Little bit, I must say, but most importantly we remember those moments spent in that school building. I do remember when I used to wake up early in the morning which is not a case now, getting ready for school, waiting for the bus and then boarding the bus. From those bus mates to our class mates we got something to learn, we got to know what people and relations are.

We remember many of our teachers who really touched our heart by their way of teaching and their personality. Sitting on the bench and looking outside the window, we wandered about endless thoughts. We never knew what we will be. We were satisfied with what we have. We had bunch of friends and very few reasons to fight. Even if we fought then those fights used to end up in a day with a handshake. We were altruistic. We had a lot to offer. Planning for that school trip and deciding what we will wear on our birthday as we were allowed to dress in a way we want. We felt like kings when we used to win any game or bet. Certainly, life has changed now, it isn’t that easy. Now, we have to think before every move; before every word we have to say; we have a fear to lose and we have very less to offer.

I gave this piece a weird heading that school life, isn’t yet over. What do I actually mean?  We went school to learn; to become educated and this ongoing learning process isn’t yet over. We meet new people on daily basis and we really trust them as we used to do in school time. We experiment, we explore and we learn new things, and those things are magnificent than ever before. What we differ now is the way we think and the way we perceive. We have broadened our thinking and expectations. The density of the people we know might have increased but the people on whom we can count on remains almost same. Well, I would say that this life is like a school and we are gradually increasing our grades by learning more experiences, facing more obstacles, bearing a lot of pain and enjoying the life as it comes. For me each day is like the school day, but now we have this real world to deal with. We have to find what people actually think rather than coping up to find the value of X and Y in those algebra questions, but yes we humans are really strong, we will surely deal with whatever this life will offer and whatever is going on in this crazy world. At last, I would say that trust yourself and try to relate your past with your present, be it a small memory or a big one, we should learn from it and apply in our present to make our future better and brighter. 

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    By: Jaspal Singh

    An enthusiastic blogger from Delhi-NCR. I have plethora of thoughts in my mind and I would like to write about all of them. I believe words have the power to connect us. Words, if used correctly can inspire our world. So, here I am trying to connect and inspire the World with my Words.

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