She had a dream. She was stopped by everyone. Then, Something inspired her.


She surpassed all the obstacles and ran towards achieving her dream.


She achieved what she wanted and most importantly, she was at peace.

Photographs have an amazing property of saying a lot. A photographer clicks a picture and that picture can mean anything to anyone. However, I would try to describe about a photograph or about the subject of that photograph through my words. And today, the photographs I have for you are of Benches. Imagine the moment, […]

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The planet Earth on which we live has around 7 billion humans, each with different desires and dreams. They all are constrained in many religious groups, but all are under one supreme power, the Almighty. Taking in account as an individual personality, we the humans are supposedly the most fake creatures created by the almighty. […]

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At times, when I sit and think about everything that is going around, I feel insanely bad. If you look closer, there is so much mess going on in this world. We are humans, and we should have been living together with peace. However, people are being murdered, girls are getting raped, many are getting […]

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Have you ever been through a moment when everything seems to be falling apart? Have you ever been so vulnerable to pain that every time you try to be happy, there is something that makes you realize about the issue you have in your life? Have you ever been so keen to know that what […]

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