She had a dream. She was stopped by everyone. Then, Something inspired her.


She surpassed all the obstacles and ran towards achieving her dream.


She achieved what she wanted and most importantly, she was at peace.

In a past few years, there has been a rapid change in how any organization works and so thus the way Human Resource Management worked has been transformed completely. The traditional ways are being re-designed because of the change in the world of work. The business demands new technology, Declined budgets, a digital marketing strategy […]

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A word which means “the state of being happy”. Is it just a state?? I guess NO. It is something for which we live. It is something for which we earn. From that newly born baby to that old clumsy man, From that hot gorgeous girl to that cool smart stud, from that school going […]

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We do have seen many instances when some revolutionary people faced obstacles while explaining their point of view to the world. It took time for them to make every one understand. However, there was a renowned physicist, astronomer and philosopher, named Galileo, whose theories started a debate against the church in 17th century and it took […]

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In today’s modern era with the increase in the pace of life, we are becoming vulnerable to so many addictions like excess usage of smart phones, internet, unhealthy food products and Drugs. Addiction, be it of any from, is harmful for us and the worst among them is the Drug Addiction. The term “Drugs” was […]

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