It’s not a Cakewalk.

Have you ever thought that what it would feel to be an ENTREPRENEUR? Have you ever thought how a normal person like you and me did something Out Of The Box and became successful?  Have you ever thought that how much hard work he did to become what he is today? If the answer is NO then you are like the most people out there because we only see the outcome. We only look at the person who is now a successful entrepreneur. We think it would have been easy to become what he had became. However, if you think its not that easy to be an entrepreneur and it is not a cakewalk then I would say “Yes! It’s not a Cakewalk“.

  “A true Entrepreneur is a Doer. Not a Dreamer.” 

                                                                                                                                          Nolan Bushnell

It takes awful lot of dedication to be someone by our own. We people become satisfied with the comfortable life we have. Many of us talks about starting a business when we sit with our friends in a party or a get together. Many ideas are discussed on the table as if we are going to make it, but we forget about it after going back home. Only a few dare to take the risk. It takes courage to be an entrepreneur. A person should have patience as it might take time or may be a lot of time to be successful, but they are sure that they will succeed.

They faced rejections and suffered a lot to make their idea a reality. People laughed at them when they fail. They at time left their well paid job to become some one on their own. However, they kept on doing it. They Kept on putting the extra effort and that is what made them special. It made them a few of those who dared to do something out of the box. And when they succeeded the people who used mock at them suddenly started respecting them. This was the power of their hard work. It was never easy for them to bear everything. Still, they did and now they are known as “Entrepreneurs”.

Please do watch this video by Patrick Bet-David, a successful American entrepreneur, to know more about life of an entrepreneur.

By this category of my website, I want to appreciate all the entrepreneurs for going through a lot to become what they are today. And I would be happy if any one of you would refer me to a few entrepreneurs you know. I would love to know more about them and share their stories. It would be a great source of inspiration for all of us. 

Please do share your thoughts about Entrepreneurs in the comment section below.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

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