Her Diary

“Dear Diary, I have always been loyal to you and you know everything about me. You have been my companion since childhood and a great support in the moments of grief. I told you my deepest secrets….” She stopped while writing this on the last page of her diary and she closed her eyes in the pain that she had since childhood. She started thinking about everything that she had in her heart and got lost in the plethora of thoughts. She was a girl whom everyone loved. She was the topper of her school and the most beautiful girl in her university. She was studying Bachelors in Business Administration. She loved to make friends and she would do anything for the people she loved. She always got hurt as the people she chose to be with, were not the right one. With time she became introvert. She stopped going out with them and preferred staying alone.

She belonged to a rich family still they never gave her choices. Since childhood she did whatever was told by her family. From the School she joined to the university she went; from the specialization she chose to the places she visited, everything was told to her and was imposed by her family. She used to wear expensive brands though she wanted to live simple. From this world full of materialistic people she wanted to go far away with her thoughts that were buried inside her. She had a hobby. She loved writing and wanted to study creative writing. Her family thought it as a waste of time. They wanted her to study for the sake of their reputation and then wanted to get her marry to someone.

She used to write a diary since childhood. Each page of her diary had the secrets of her life. And most pages had the marks of her tear droplets that she poured while writing. The ink stains can easily be seen. They were made by the drops of her tear. She penned down every feeling she went through. From the first friend she made to the first crush she had; from the first kiss to the first heart break, she wrote everything. She shared about that one guy whom she loved deeply and she was left alone when she wanted him the most. People used to like her because of the fact that she was rich; pretty and was easily manipulated. No one ever bothered to care about the gorgeous heart she had. No doubt she was beautiful outside but, she had a golden heart. And for her that was more important. The day she stopped going out for party’s and became less social the people started taking her for granted. Her diary had been the witness of everything ever went through. She just wanted to live a simple life and wanted to pen down every emotion she had. She wanted to go out in a peaceful environment. She did not want to live according to the world.

She had a book shelf full of novels and biographies. Books were her friends and her diary, the only companion. She had a big collection of poems she wrote and no one had ever read them. The thoughts she had for the people and life were astonishing. She remembers the day when she tried telling her best friend about her creative writing skills. However, her friend only wanted to talk about the grapevines. She hated the time when people use to stalk her. She even wrote in her diary about the time when random people used to stare at her and at times tried to molest her. She hated it all. She used to express anger through the words written in her diary. She always used to wonder that why the girls in our country aren’t given the respect they deserve. She used to be strong woman but, the world made her weak. She was a part of a well known family but, she knew that they will never understand her.

She opened her eyes and continued writing on the last page of her diary “…. You have been my mirror as what I was I could see in you through my words. The people I have been since childhood always gave me pain and tried finding their benefit. Everyone thinks that I’m ridiculous when I’m silent, insolent when I answer them with a no, Boring when I don’t go out with them and Amazing when I do whatever they want. I have been writing a lot and now I am going to show my skills to the world. I want to tell you more about my life. However today I will face the world. Today I will tell my family that I don’t want to study any more. I want to be a writer. I will tell them that I don’t want to wear the clothes they want me to wear and to go to the places they want me to visit. I will not fake smile and when I will be sad I will cry. No matter what people will think. They might think that I am weak. However, I will peel off that mask that everyone else is wearing. I will tell my friends that I am barely interested in any of their gossips and parties. I want them to look at the real side of me. The thoughts I have and the heart I have. They should know it all. Dear Diary, I can’t thank you enough for being with me always but today let it be. Now I want the peace of my mind.” She kept her pen and diary and then she did something that she never imagined. For the first time in her life she became brutally honest with everyone. She felt happier and lighter.

She went out to different publishers with her portfolio. Many of them didn’t care to meet her. She didn’t stop. She knew it will be difficult. In the meanwhile she bared the taunts of everyone. She kept on visiting and faced many rejections. Then one day she got one publisher who was ready to publish her work. They loved it and were impressed by her skills. They shared the areas of improvement and asked her to compile all her writings in to a book. She did everything she could to write something amazing. After all the hard work she put into writing her first book, the day finally came when she was happy for real. It was the day of her book launch. Her family has now realized that writing was not a waste of time. She always knew the power of words and now the world she knew was ready to read what she had penned down. She never bothered about the review that people will give. She was happy to do what she always wanted to do.

Her diary was never touched by her again as she became bold enough to face people and tell them what she actually likes and what she really want to do. Her diary though had no feelings but the pages were inked with her feelings that slowly grew so strong and were used in a positive manner at the end that she became one of the famous writer and most importantly a happier person.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

    An enthusiastic blogger from Delhi-NCR. I have plethora of thoughts in my mind and I would like to write about all of them. I believe words have the power to connect us. Words, if used correctly can inspire our world. So, here I am trying to connect and inspire the World with my Words.

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