A word which means “the state of being happy”. Is it just a state?? I guess NO. It is something for which we live. It is something for which we earn. From that newly born baby to that old clumsy man, From that hot gorgeous girl to that cool smart stud, from that school going guy to that CEO gentleman. They all want to be happy and they all are on a pursuit of happiness. We people have a lot of things to do in life. Some have got their assignments and some have got their meetings fixed for next one month. Some have their audition after a few days and some have their day to perform. Some have their date tomorrow and some are thinking to propose someone. Some even have their marriage next week and some have the delivery being scheduled a week later and waiting for their new family member. Well, do all of these people working on their assignments, works, auditions, performance, date, proposal, delivery and marriage have got something in common. Yes, of coarse. The feeling of being happy and the thought to make their loved one happy. Happiness, not Just a word, It means a world to all of us. We earn. We learn. we cry. We bear heartbreak. We lie. We say truth. We do whatever we can just to be happy. A little boy becomes so happy when he gets his first toy car. That feeling for him is out of the world. A girl becomes happy when she finds her perfect match. A mother becomes happy when she see her child doing something great.

Well, a bunch of people and a bunch of reasons that made them happy. But, what makes us feel happy? Isn’t it difficult to find it? After all we have our busy life. We hardly have time for anything. We have a career to set, a deal to fix and a lover to convince. So, how can we become happy? How can we find happiness? where is it?  Answer is SIMPLE. Happiness isn’t something to find. It is something to feel. It is something that could be felt without any force. It just happens. That sweet smile when you see something is the reason for your happiness. It might be that girl or guy you loved, a passion for something, your love to earn money or else your dream to become something BIG. It could be anything or everything. Being happy doesn’t really mean to be perfect, it just means that you have learned to see beyond imperfections.

With a positive approach we can clearly define why we need to have a life full of happiness and love. We can’t get everything that we think makes us happy, but we can readjust our thinking to find the riches we already have. Ask your self frequently that What brings happiness to your life? Try to figure out what you truly like. Just make your life simple. You really have billions of reasons to be happy, You just need to find few. You have got a lot of work chuck few of them, take-out time for yourself. Help someone in need. Spare time for your loved ones. Do whatever you like to do. Be it singing, dancing, painting, writing, earning money, studying, roaming, traveling. Do any thing. Do it like its your last day. Live life, Live it to the fullest. And then feel the difference. Stay calm and Just, try to remove the burden you have on yourself. Feel free and be happy. Feel the ecstasy of life. Your life will be enlightened ! You will see your self as a person you never dreamed to be. 

At last I would say that happiest people don’t have best of everything, they just MAKE best out of everything. Remember the Almighty. He is Grandeur. He is magnanimous. He will do whatever is best for you and He wants to see you all HAPPY.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

    An enthusiastic blogger from Delhi-NCR. I have plethora of thoughts in my mind and I would like to write about all of them. I believe words have the power to connect us. Words, if used correctly can inspire our world. So, here I am trying to connect and inspire the World with my Words.

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