Find the Good

At times, when I sit and think about everything that is going around, I feel insanely bad. If you look closer, there is so much mess going on in this world. We are humans, and we should have been living together with peace. However, people are being murdered, girls are getting raped, many are getting robed and few of them are fighting for no reason. We are debating over so many things. We are still cling to Caste, Creed, Race and letting these things to control us. We are surrounded by the fear of terror attacks and a lot more. Looking around and judging on the situation, I would say that there is more bad than Good. I do think that at times I feel that my life is not good and I am not happy. However, after reading news like these and knowing that people out there are going through terrible things, I feel lucky about what I have and what I am. Really, the Lord has given most of us a way more than what we deserve. Stop Being Cynical about everything. This life is a crazy thing and its gonna take awful lot of things to live it happily. So, just be happy and don’t be sad. Try finding the Good in Bad. Its just one life we have got, live it to the fullest because in between these hideous things its just you and your attitude that is going to change your life. Though there is so bad going out there, but there is lot more good in you. You are Good and because of you this world is a good place to live. Do not get stuck in terrible things and thoughts. Be happy and Kind; Live freely and Let others live!

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    By: Jaspal Singh

    An enthusiastic blogger from Delhi-NCR. I have plethora of thoughts in my mind and I would like to write about all of them. I believe words have the power to connect us. Words, if used correctly can inspire our world. So, here I am trying to connect and inspire the World with my Words.

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