Drug Addiction

In today’s modern era with the increase in the pace of life, we are becoming vulnerable to so many addictions like excess usage of smart phones, internet, unhealthy food products and Drugs. Addiction, be it of any from, is harmful for us and the worst among them is the Drug Addiction. The term “Drugs” was generally used for medicine, but nowadays it is also used for narcotics such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

Drug addiction is generally taken as a social issue and people characterize the drug addicts as morally weak. We never give a thought on why a person is addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes uncontrollable drug usage, despite the evil effects of the drugs. Several factors may contribute to development of drug addiction and dependence. Environmental factors, including your family’s beliefs, attitudes, exposure to a peer group that encourages drug use, peer pressure, Curiosity of exploring everything at a young age, seem to play a role in initial drug use. Once you’ve started using a drug, the development into addiction may be influenced by inherited traits and can also speed up the disease progression.

Drugs changes the way brain works and it interferes with the mechanism through which nerve cells transmit, receive, and process information that is important for our daily life. Addiction always starts from a mere act of using a drug either due to an environmental or a genetic factor. Certain drugs make us feel food and a person goes in to a state of ecstasy because of what a drug do to our brain. Drugs like Nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, and heroine, for example, are rapidly carried out in our blood and they hamper with different areas of our brain one of which is called the pleasure center. A few of these drugs have a similar structure to neurotransmitter so they fool the brain to send abnormal messages. Continued usage of any drug can take a person to a state of addiction and the affected area of the brain stops working on its own and needs these drugs to function it again. In a nutshell, a decision of taking drug for the first time gradually becomes a habit and with time it makes changes in the brain and can affect a person’s self-control and ability to make decisions, and at the same time create an intense impulse to take drugs.

Drug usage hampers our Spiritual and emotional values. In the influence of drugs people commit crimes like rapes, murders, road accidents, road rages and even suicide. In 2014, India was among the top countries where in the maximum suicides were because of drug usage. Also, most of the drugs are very costly and also are not easily accessible to a common man. However, when the body of an addict demands for a particular drug they are a ready to beg, borrow and steel. Due to lack of funds they start consuming synthetic and cheap drugs that harms their body to even more extent.

It is generally said that having a strong will power is the only way to get rid of any addiction. However, drug addiction is different as it includes our body and brain. It becomes a need as the whole body reacts by shivering. The headaches; the person face difficulty while breathing and many more. So, in order to treat this disease it takes a lot more than just mental control. Thus the need of rehabilitation centers and medical assistance is required. An addict should be admitted to rehabilitation centers as they slowly and steadily detoxify the body from the drug because it remain flowing in the blood stream and once that is done, proper attention is given to them. They also guide the family of an addict as to how they should be treated. If required an addict should be given psychiatric counseling for better results. In India the number of rehabilitation centers is less so the government should increase the number of centers and should also look in to the maintenance of existing ones. Many NGO’s are already doing a lot for the drug addicts. The government, NGO’s and citizens should join hands to remove this fatal disease. Most importantly, an addict needs our love and support because love can do wonders and hatred can only make their condition more miserable.

Reference: WebMD

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