A wedding invitation

Lost in his thoughts, he was sitting in his room. A tear rolled from his eye and he felt like he is broken into pieces after reading the wedding Invitation of Riya. Well, Riya was the name of the love of his life. He always dreamed of having his name on the wedding card and reading the name of someone else with his love made him feel so small and vulnerable. He closed his eyes and the drops of tears can still be seen on the tip of his eye lashes. He went into his memory lane and he remembered the day when he first met Riya. It was a Monday Morning and he was standing on the ground floor of his humongous office building, waiting for the elevator that was coming upward from the basement. Everyone was in a rush to reach their cabin on time. He was looking at the display near the gate of the elevator and  was feeling sleepy as he didn’t sleep properly the last night.  Finally, the door opened. He stepped inside and that is when his eyes suddenly went on a girl standing next to him. He had never seen a girl as beautiful  as her and the aroma of her presence made him feel different. He was enamored. It was for the first time in his life that he took a furtive glance of a girl. Once, they reached the seventh floor of the building they both stepped outside the elevator and they both shared a smile. That smile meant world to him and the girl was Riya. Later he came to know that she has just joined the same organization and fortunately the same project. Soon, they became friends and from friends to love birds. It was a great journey for both of them and the people in their office knew how pure their love for each other was.
He was still crying and trying hard to digest the fact that it was all over. He tore the invitation into pieces and kept only the piece that had her name written in a fancy font. He stood and walked to the balcony of his apartment. This was the same balcony where they sat for hours and discussed about their life. They loved to talk about their dreams sitting in the cold breeze and looking at the stars while holding hands. He can still feel her presence and he realized that this is not going to happen again. He thought of the moments they spent together and the time when they used to hang out on the streets of Delhi. He thought of the time when she used to cook for him and how he praised her cookery skills. He knew that the life is going to change now and he will become lonely. He knew that the love he ever longed since childhood was only given by Riya and he will not get the same love from anyone else. He knew that he will not be able to love anyone else. Riya was his first love. He was a geek since childhood and the topper of his university. Though he had the looks that can make any girl fall for him but, he never thought about a relationship with anyone. It was for the first time he felt that way for a girl. He never figured out that why he fell for Riya. Was it her beauty or intelligence that made him fall for her? It still remained a mystery for him.
Lost in Riya’s thoughts, he stood and looked downward. He was on the 10th floor and then he decided to jump from there. He closed his eyes and thought about all the precious moments he had with her. He thought of no other option as he had never loved anyone insanely. The fact that she was going to be someone Else’s wife today was killing him anyway. He leaned to jump and that is when he heard his name repeatedly. Someone was shouting his name and he opened his eyes. He saw Riya with his eyes full of sleep. He was not able to understand that what was happening. She looked at him and smiled. He then realized that it was a dream. He was holding something in his hand; it was a wedding invitation that had his name with Riya’s name. It was their wedding day. He came closer to her and hugged her with the feeling of ecstasy. He thanked God and took a sigh of relief after the worst nightmare of his life.

The Featured image is taken from Dry Icons.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

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