A Bench

Photographs have an amazing property of saying a lot. A photographer clicks a picture and that picture can mean anything to anyone. However, I would try to describe about a photograph or about the subject of that photograph through my words. And today, the photographs I have for you are of Benches.

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Imagine the moment, when you will be introspecting in the solitude of nature, sitting alone and thinking about the mistakes you did or may be the things you achieved in past; you might think about the decisions you took that have now changed your life or may be the decisions you gonna take that will change your life. Imagine the moment, when you will be sitting in peace with someone you love, cuddling and talking about how you came so far and how you gonna shape your relation. Imagine the moment, when you will be sitting happily with a friend of yours whom you met after years, talking about the moments you cherished and how the life has changed so far. They are not just benches, they are a lot more. And right now they are waiting to be occupied by someone like you and me, who might live a moment of their life, sitting on them, that could change all other coming moments.

The below used picture is captured by NJ Photography.

Bench and a man

As a child, he dreamt about an amazing life with all his dear ones with him till the end. However, with the time things changed and here he his all alone in solitude of nature. Thinking about his life and wondering if he could have some one with him.


You might have a different way of thinking about it and I would be happy if you share your thoughts about a Bench in the comment section below.

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    By: Jaspal Singh

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